How do I persist a hostname or IP to my Amazon EC2 Instance?

Michael Haren asked:

Suppose I spin up a machine in EC2. Every time I stop/start the machine the following things change (reboots are safe–they don’t cause these to change):

  • public IP address
  • public DNS record
  • private IP address
  • private DNS record
  • removes associated elastic IP

How can I reliably connect to the machine if the addresses/DNS records change every time it is started?

Should I stick with EIPs but add a startup script to reassociate it with my instance when it boots?

There’s got to be a better way!

My answer:

If you stop an instance in EC2, then any associated Elastic IPs are disassociated, and you must reassociate them yourself. However, the same doesn’t apply to instances in VPC; in this case the Elastic IP remains associated, even when the instance is stopped.

See the Elastic IP Address documentation for further details.

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