Using rsyslogd on only 1 of 2 systems

user800133 asked:

I have two systems. One is a laptop and has rsyslog. The other is embedded system that doesn’t have rsyslog. What I’d like to do is log messages from the embedded system on the laptop.

I’ve configured the laptop /etc/rsyslog.conf to listen on TCP port 10514:

netstat -nlp | grep 10514
tcp        0      0     *                   LISTEN      30280/rsyslogd      
tcp        0      0 :::10514                    :::*                        LISTEN      30280/rsyslogd

On the embedded system I’m sending, a test message with netcat:

[ ]# echo "Test Message 1" | nc -w2 -p 10514
nc: can't connect to remote host ( Connection refused

Is rsyslog expecting anything special in the packet? Does it require both systems to have rsyslog? Any other reason I’d get “Connection refused”?

My answer:

Did you open inbound TCP port 10514 in the rsyslog server’s firewall? You have to do that if you want to receive incoming connections.

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