Migrating virtual (VMWare) workstations from AMD to Intel hardware

T. Webster asked:

We’re a small dev team that runs instances VMWare Ubuntu hosted on AMD x64 machines. Our hardware will be upgraded to Intel i7, but we want to continue to use the virtual images we’ve built. But according to the page on VMWare, there are

problems when moving virtual machine guests between hardware hosts using different instruction-sets (such as found in 64-bit Intel and AMD CPU

How do you run the same virtual guest image on different hardware, if the instruction sets are different? Is there additional VMWare product tool to use for this purpose?

My answer:

You would only theoretically have problems if you live migrated your VMs from an AMD processor to an Intel processor (i.e. vMotion), so vSphere just won’t allow a vMotion in this scenario. If you shut down the VM and then start it up again on the new processor, you will be fine, provided the guest OS isn’t particularly processor-dependent. (For the most part this is Windows 2000 and older operating systems.)

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