Telnet on Windows Server 2012

Dan Farrall asked:

Im looking to implement telnet on Server 2012, i know its not secure yada yada, its just a project.

Whats the best security practices regarding this including software to use, if not inbuilt. I’m also putting an SSH server on there if theres anything that can combine the 2.


My answer:

Everyone else is right: You will ultimately come to regret the day you ever thought of installing a telnet server on your Windows computer. When that day comes, please remember that you were thoroughly warned.

Now with that out of the way, if you’re absolutely certain you want to hang yourself, here’s the rope.

You can install the telnet server in the Add Roles and Features Wizard, accessible from Server Manager. (You can also install the telnet client.)

Rope to hang yourself with

Other ways to install telnet can be found on Microsoft TechNet.

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