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kmaddox asked:

I just finished setting up a server core version of hyper-v 2012. The problem I am running into is connecting to a VM via powershell. I recognize that I use a server 2012 or win 8 machine to manage the server remotely and connect to a running VM that way but I can not find a command that will let me do it. Am I missing something? Does a command to connect to running VM exist?

My answer:

For Windows 8, you first need to install Remote Server Administration Tools.

First ensure that you have the Hyper-V management tools installed. You can do this by Add Roles and Features from Server Manager.
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(While you can configure Hyper-V with PowerShell, you also need the GUI tools installed to actually make a remote connection to the virtual machine.)

Command line method

Call vmconnect from the command line to connect to a specific server and virtual machine. The options for vmconnect are:
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GUI method

Now open Hyper-V Virtual Machine Connection.
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Then select the Hyper-V server you want to connect to, then the virtual machine on that server.
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