IPMI reports high values tempreture values of VRD1 and VRD2

Sam_Fani asked:

I have a supermicro U2 server and its sensors report high temperature for VRD1 and VRD2 of 261 F, and next to it, it reports “Upper Non-recoverable”. I googled this and I couldn’t find any information about these parameters (VRD1 and VRD2).

First, what is VRD1 and VRD2? And what do they measure?

If these values are high, what can I do about it?

What does “Upper Non-recoverable” mean?

I appreciate any help,

My answer:

To begin, thermal sensor values are normally reported in Celsius, not Fahrenheit, so you seem to have something converting the values for you. 261 F is 127 C. This also happens to be the maximum value of an 8-bit signed integer.

Normally, sensor values reported as 127 (or as -128, the minimum value of an 8-bit signed integer) refer to sensors which do not actually exist in the hardware, or sometimes sensors which exist but are not functioning.

Indeed, some firmware release notes found on the Internet indicate that these VRD1 and VRD2 sensors were removed in a firmware update, which strongly suggests they never existed. Try updating your IPMI firmware. Or you can just ignore them.

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