Executing SU in a bash script

Fred Finkle asked:

I’m running a remote bash script (using ssh -t ‘bash doscript.sh’). In “doscript.sh” I have a sudo su anotheruser. At that point, the script seems to push a shell and I’m left in that “interactive” script and the rest of my script (doscript.sh) doesn’t run unless I type “exit”. Is there a workaround that gets around this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Here is the contents of my test script “doscript.sh”:

sudo su diy

My answer:

sudo starts a shell unless you instruct it otherwise.

It looks like you actually want to run this script as another user. To do that, try something like this:

if [ `id -nu` != diy ]; then
    sudo -u diy $0 # Re-run this script as user diy
    # Everything you want to do goes here

Keep in mind that /etc/sudoers must be set up to allow the original user to run this script as the new user.

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