How can I avoid heroku stopping my dyno?

iwein asked:

I build MVP‘s for clients regularly. Often I deploy on Heroku so they can see if the product works and demo it to prospects and investors.

Then I have an application deployed on heroku, and it works like a charm, if not for one little thing. The app takes about 30 seconds to start up and heroku has the annoying habit of killing dyno’s if they don’t get traffic. My client is using the application for demo purposes now, so the load is extremely low and intermittent.

I’m looking for a solution that is preferably:

  • cost effective
  • can be applied to multiple apps simultaneously

What is the best way to avoid having the first request taking 30 seconds?

My answer:

Have your Heroku-hosted site indexed by Google (and other major search engines).

A Heroku app I uploaded a few months ago for internal use, but which has to be accessible to clients, has somehow been found by Google and the (very small) public section of the site indexed. Nevertheless, a few months after first putting it up, Google is making about one request every 70 seconds, more than enough to keep the dyno active continuously.

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