Submitting Jobs to Linux Workstation

Sahar asked:

I have access to some Linux Workstations on which I run my
C++ executable files from my Laptop but the problem is that
each time I run a job from the terminal in my laptop I have
to keep a terminal window for each job … I need a way to
submit the job to the Linux machine and see the result once
only after the execution finishes … I know that this can
be done in FORTRAN executable by adding & at the end only and
I tried it with:
mpirun -np 20 ./a 200 1000000&
mpirun -np 20 ./a 200 1000000 &
but non of them is working …

Is there anyway to do the same in Linux ??

My answer:

Use tmux or the older screen to maintain a terminal session on the remote server, to which you can attach and detach at will. Check the documentation for each command for specifics.

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