Changing network interface names on RedHat

Randomblue asked:

I have a DELL server running RedHat EL 6.3 with two 1G network interfaces, and two 10G network interfaces.

Following this note, I have successfully renamed the two 1G network interfaces that used to be called em1 and em2. However, I cannot rename the 10G network interfaces using this method. (Those are called p4p1 and p4p2, and do not start with em.)

How can I rename the network interface name of my 10G network interfaces on RedHat EL 6.3?

My answer:

As the section of the appendix you linked to states, it’s strongly recommended to enable or disable the consistent network device naming feature at install time; doing so after installation is messy and not guaranteed to work, as you’ve discovered.

To do this, install the system passing biosdevname=0 on the boot command line when booting the installation media, and add the same parameter to the grub boot command line.

Since you’ve just installed the system anyway, this shouldn’t be too big of a headache…

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