Unable to scp from one EC2 instance to another EC2 instance

Spicysheep asked:

I am not able to scp from one EC2 instance to another EC2 instance. From my laptop I am able to ssh into each instance without issues.

I have two instances.



Here is what I have done so far.

I made a new key pair on the master node
ssh-keygen -t dsa

I copy-and-pasted the id_dsa.pub from the master node to my laptop

scp -i ec2key.pem [email protected]:/home/ubuntu/.ssh/id_dsa.pub /Users/me/somefolder

I copy-and-pasted the id_dsa.pub file from my laptop to the worker node

scp -i ec2key.pem /Users/me/somefolder/id_dsa.pub [email protected]:/home/ubuntu/.ssh 

On the worker node I appended the id_dsa.pub file to my authorized_keys file

cat id_dsa.pub >> authorized_keys

I created a file on the master node: /home/ubuntu/test.txt and then tried to scp this file from the master node to the worker node

scp -v -i [email protected]:/home/ubuntu/.ssh/id_dsa [email protected]:/home/ubuntu/test.txt [email protected]:

I got the following result

Permission denied (publickey).

Any ideas?

Additional details:

My answer:

Use ssh-copy-id to ensure that the key is copied correctly and that permissions on the relevant files/directories are correct.

If your system doesn’t include the command ssh-copy-id you can get it from the following openssh repo. openssh project repo & link to openssh-copy-id

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