Suspicious activity on port 3389. Has my system been compromised?

TerryProbert asked:

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How do I deal with a compromised server?

Today I opened TCPView to see what was causing a lot of outbound network activity and could only identify svchost.exe on port 3389 (which i understand to be the port used by remote desktop).

I ended the process almost immediately.

I’ve searched for the IP address it was connected to, and discovered it originates in South Korea.

I have just discovered in the Windows Event Viewer under “Applications and Services Log > Microsoft > Windows > TerminalServices-RemoteConnectionManager” almost 2,000 events which read similar to:

Remote Desktop Services: User authentication succeeded:

User: administrator
Source Network Address:

I wanted to know if my system has indeed been compromised and whether it is at all possible for me to track any activity; such as file access.

What is the best course of action to take to prevent this happening in future. Or haven’t I anything to worry about.

My answer:

It says Administrator successfully logged in via Remote Desktop from somewhere in South Korea. If the administrator isn’t in South Korea, you’ve been compromised.

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