Can't get to Dell OMSA webpage on my server

Chris Powell asked:

I’m running CentOS 6.3 x64 on a Dell PowerEdge R520. I have run the following two commands as per This Wiki

sudo wget -q -O - | bash  
sudo yum install srvadmin-all  

All the related services appear to be running. But, when I try to access


the page doesn’t resolve.
When I try to access the webpage from the physical server, I am presented with a page that has 4 boxes and a question mark.

Any Help Is Much Appreciated.

EDIT: Apparently I suck a QA-ing.
The problem was what when I tried to access the OMSA webpage for my server from another machine, the page would be “unable to load”. But, if I open a web browser while I’m at the server that I have OMSA installed on, then I am presented with a page containing four boxes and a question mark. Turns out that I just didn’t have the appropriate ports open. My apologies to you all for not being clear and thank you all for your help.

My answer:

It sounds like you need to open port 1311 in your firewall. (You may also want to restrict it to specific IP address ranges or other criteria, but this should get you going.)

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