Sendmail Undeliverable Redirection?

Dizzle asked:

Good afternoon;

I don’t know much about sendmail, so this may be fairly easy for those of you more experienced with it. We have an account, “[email protected]”, sending reports to various groups. From time to time an undeliverable message will be sent back to “[email protected]”. We’d like for those undeliverable messages to be rerouted, or bounced, from “[email protected]” to a group of our choosing. To carve out a scenario for clarity:

So I guess a “rule” of sorts. I’ve come across this solution: Sendmail : ignore local delivery
But I don’t know enough about sendmail to know if this is what will fit this situation. Any help is greatly appreciated.

My answer:

Use an actual mailing list for this, instead of the ad-hoc stuff you’re doing now. The mailing list software will then catch bounces and deal with them for you.

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