Using subdomains, separate databases, and virtual hosts to scale SAAS

Jared Green asked:

I am building office management software on a LAMP server on a SAAS model. My clients typically have 5-10 thousand customers they are tracking with all of their contact, invoicing, appointment information. I want to keep each clients information in a separate Database. This I believe will in the long run improve performance, ensure better separation of data, and be cleaner.

So what I want to have happen is for and to both point to the same site, but pass on their subdomain as a parameter to php.

How do I use apache and vhosts to pass on the subdomain as a parameter to php while still using the same application for all subdomains.

My answer:

This probably belongs on Stack Overflow, but…

In your PHP code, you check the value of $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] to determine the hostname which was used.

In your Apache <VirtualHost> use a wildcard ServerAlias to serve all possible subdomains of the domain name from the same virtual host.

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