Can I use wildcards is puppet package ensure to cover multiple releaseversion

Rob van den Eijnde asked:

Using puppet I want to update packages on my (CentOS 5 & 6 servers) in a controlled way. Therefore I don’t want to use ensure=>latest but rather ensure=>3.0.1-1.


class puppet::installation inherits puppet {
        package { "puppet":
            ensure => "3.0.1-1",

The update works alright but puppet agent keeps complaining that there is a difference:

/Stage[main]/Puppet::Installation/Package[puppet]/ensure: current_value 3.0.1-1.el6, should be 3.0.1-1 (noop)

I can solve this by changing the ensure rule to 3.0.1-1.el6 but than that won’t work on CentOS 5.

Is there a short/clean way to solve this or do I have to write to seperate, os-releaseversion dependant rules.

I have been googling for a solution but didn’t find anything pertaining to this particular question.

Any suggestion or reference to a relevant example would be appreciated.

My answer:

Puppet really doesn’t have any functionality for this yet (though they really need it).

You can use the yum-versionlock yum plugin to lock specific RPM packages at specific versions, and then use puppet to control the versionlock configuration.

For some other workarounds, see this related question.

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