WP HTTP Error: Couldn't resolve host

Sasha asked:

I keep getting this kind of error in my WP dashboard:

WP HTTP Error: Couldn't resolve host

I tend to believe it’s a DNS issue although all was working OK before.
What I have done is altering the /etc/hosts file and adding stuff like:               localhost.localdomain localhost          zako.vladoiu.net zako api.wordpress.org jetpack.wordpress.com downloads.wordpress.org jetpack.wordpress.org rest.akismet.com rest.akismet.com rest.akismet.com rest.akismet.com smtp.gmail.com dashboard.wordpress.com blogsearch.google.com
173.194.*.* google.com

While this fixes the error say :

WP HTTP Error: Couldn't resolve host 'rest.akismet.com'

My answer:

Put valid DNS server entries into /etc/resolv.conf.

It should look something like this:

nameserver 2001:db8:24fe:381::37

The actual values will be supplied by your ISP, hosting provider or datacenter. Or you can use public DNS providers such as Google Public DNS.

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