Installing CentOS 6.3 wrong hard drives order?

Ken Tang asked:

I am trying to install CentOS 6.3 on new server that has 2xSSD and 1xHDD drives connected to mainboard’s SATA ports by following order:


On the installation process CentOS shows me hard drives by this order:

/sda -> that is actually SSD2
/sdb -> HDD1
/sdc -> SSD1

It looks like CentOS assigns it randomly rather by the SATA connection order.

My question is: What the order of drives /sd* depending on? And how can I change it to be by the order it connected to SATA? Thank you in advance!

My answer:

The reason they’re out of order is that your system BIOS is configured to present them out of order. Unfortunately, this is all too common. Fortunately, it really doesn’t matter much, since you will only rarely refer to the drives by their actual device names. As long as the (grub) bootloader got installed to the right place, you will be fine.

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