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user144992 asked:

I’m new to nginx and am trying to figure out an issue with redirection. I’m trying to redirect a website from a host running a web application to another domain. That part I’ve done but I’m looking to mask it. When it redirects, I don’t want the user to know they’ve gone to another domain.

I’ve substituted the domain names for privacy of my client. But, they are on a Linode at that’s running a web application that’s at All I want is for any user visiting to be redirected to a temporary site hosted on but without exposing the domain.

Previously, someone had shown me how to do it but it was a long time ago and I no longer have the information to reference. Can someone help me out? I don’t want to expose the domain of the testing environment.

server {

    listen       80;

    rewrite ^ permanent;

    #location / {
    #    root     /srv/http/;
    #    index    index.html;


My answer:

The usual solution is to stick the destination site in a frame. But keep in mind that anyone with half a clue can figure out what the site actually is.

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