APF, IPTABLES, Fedora 15 – Not blocking correctly

RichardW11 asked:

I just got a new remote server which came with Fedora 15. I first tried to run APF but it gave me this error “apf(18031): {glob} unable to load iptables module (ip_tables), aborting.”. Which I then set SET_MONOKERN=”0″ to SET_MONOKERN=”1″ to resolve the problem.

However, with my config file showing


The ports show up as closed, instead of being filtered. Any idea why this would be happening?

22/tcp   open   ssh
80/tcp   open   http
443/tcp  open   https
2323/tcp closed 3d-nfsd
4662/tcp closed edonkey
6346/tcp closed gnutella
6699/tcp closed napster
6881/tcp closed bittorrent-tracker
7778/tcp closed interwise

My answer:

You aren’t running services on those ports.

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