How to block Googlebot quickly?

nbv4 asked:

Google bot is crawling my site right now and it’s killing my server. Its only crawiling one or two pages a second, but those pages are really CPU intensive. I have already added those CPU intensive files to the robots.txt file, but googlebot hasn’t detected those changes yet. I want to block google bot at the apache.cong level so my site can be back right now. How can I do this? This one apoache instance is hosting a few PHP sites and a django powered site, so I can’t use .htaccess files. The server is running Ubuntu 10.04.

My answer:

Assuming you don’t actually want your site delisted from Google (which the accepted answer will eventually cause) set a crawl delay value for your site in Google Webmaster Tools. It is reported that Google does not support Crawl-Delay in robots.txt, though you may wish to set that value for other search engines and crawlers to use.

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