Do I need a ssl certificate if just pointing my domain to Cloudfront?

hashpipe asked:

I have a website running on a domain (e.g I have an additional domain(e.g which basically points to Amazon Cloudfront for delivery. Amazon Cloudfront in turn basically fetches the data from the main domain ( I use this setup primarily to have multiple subdomains of my to point to assets via the cdn.

The main website has a ssl certificate, and I intend to put all assets served from the cdn as https links only. Something like

<img src="" />

I’m a little confused whether I need a ssl for my cdn domain. In cloudfront I can set the setting to allow both https and http traffic.

Do I need a ssl certificate for this ? If yes, then where do I install the ssl certificate, since I don’t have a server for

My answer:

With HTTPS, Amazon CloudFront only supports using the hostname assigned to you. So you won’t be able to use your own domain name anyway; you’ll have to use instead.

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