Reverse DNS Resolve for MX record

Bruno Vieira asked:

I’ve two servers running, one is a webserver and it’s A record on my (external) DNS provider is in the form of: in A XXX.XX.XXX.171

The other is a mailserver and it’s A record is in the form: in A XXX.XX.XXX.170

and it’s mx record is in the form: in MX 10

How should my DNS reverse (i.e. my ISP provider) resolve: or

BTW, this is how my /etc/hosts file looks like: mail
::1 mail

Thanks in advance for all the help

My answer:

Have both of them matched exactly. i.e.

171 IN PTR
170 IN PTR

In fact you can just copy and paste that to your ISP; that’s exactly how it will look in their bind (DNS server) configuration.

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