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tristan625 asked:

I have recently set up a Linux server for my college which also hosts the college website and other downloadables. This server is linked to outside world using a leased line connection of 1mbps capacity.
My problem is that the users complain that the downloads from the server are very slow, how can I imporve this?
What things should I be looking at.

My current server config:
Dell vostro260s with 4Gb of ram and i3 processor.

My answer:

You’ve got more than one issue here:

  1. “Dell vostro260s” is not a server-grade computer. I don’t expect much from it.
  2. “leased line of 1Mbps capacity” and most of us have more bandwidth than that on our phones.

This must be a very small college, if it’s still only using a T1/E1 for public Internet connectivity.

Anyway, doing anything about either of these two issues is going to require money, and I’m guessing that’s probably the one thing they won’t give you.

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