Unable to ping Redhat 5.6 instance on vmware esx 5.1

Nacef G- asked:

I am running vmware esx 5.1 and I’ve created an instance of red hat 5.6 Desktop with a static ip address. When I restart the red hat guest I am able to ping it from another system but then as soon as it gets to the logon page I can no longer ping it. Could it be a matter of a service blocking the network communication?

What can I try or look for?


My answer:

Your new (!!!) Red Hat 5 workstation uses NetworkManager by default to control access to the network. In its default configuration, it does not bring up the network until after the user logs in.

To fix this, edit the connection within NetworkManager and make sure that “Connect automatically” is checked.

You can also disable NetworkManager and set up the network connection the original way (by editing /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 and setting NM_CONTROLLED=no).

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