Resize2fs at 81h and counting

Adam asked:

12x 1TB drives in a RAID6 (MDADM)
crypt-setup running ontop of MDADM
LVM running on the crypted drives
EXT4 on the LVM

I added a new drive to the RAID (increasing from 11 to 12 drives), and ‘bubbled’ up through the layers (MDADM, etc…) to reizing the ext4 partition. This machine is used as a centralized repository for photography and as a backup server (for both Windows and Mac machines) so bringing it down to add the drive and wait for the resizing and everything wasn’t really an option. So I started the resize operation several days ago. HTOP is reporting the resize2fs operation as running for 81h now. DMESG and syslog are both clear, and the drives are still accessable. The resize command reports it’s started an online resize of the partition, so the process IS running, and it is burning through 100% of one of my cores.

Question: Is it normal for the operation to take this long or has something gone horribly wrong? Where would I start looking for signs of trouble?

My answer:

If you ran resize2fs with the -p option, it would print out regular progress reports. However, since you didn’t, there doesn’t seem to be any way to get that information while it’s running.

This related question seems to indicate that it is fairly normal for resize2fs to run for a very long time.

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