Raid 5 GPT Partitioning

Futki asked:

I have a Dell Poweredge r710 server with five 1 TB disks. All of them are in RAID 5. I was trying to install Centos but it says “Your boot partition is on disk using GPT Partition…”

I read somewhere that centos can’t install on a disk larger than 2TB, so I made some partitions smaller, but it’s not working.

PS, I am going to install Proxmox on that, but Proxmox also won’t accept disks larger than 2TB.

My answer:

EL5 didn’t really support GPT partitions. Support for GPT was added in EL6, which was released after you wrote this question..

On EL6, if your system uses a legacy BIOS, then you can only use GPT on drives other than the boot drive; the boot drive must still use MBR. If you want to use GPT on your boot drive, your server/workstation must have UEFI.

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