SSL certificates and whether a wildcard common name will support

timpone asked:

I purchased an inexpensive SSL Cert from GoDaddy. Right now everything on production is hosted off of When specifying the common name would a wildcard (i.e. * cover the case of a lack of a third-level domain such as Just to be sure, I made it for rather than a wildcard. If it matters, I will be using with nginx and a mod_passenger.

If I want to cover everything including and, etc., would a wildcard be the proper cert? Does the inexpensive GoDaddy cert ($12.99 / year) cover wildcard certs (it didn’t seem to for me)?

My answer:

You won’t be getting a wildcard SSL certificate from anyone for $12.99. They are typically much more expensive; I see on GoDaddy’s site that their base price for wildcard SSL is $199/year, for instance.

A “normal” SSL certificate like you purchased should already serve both and

You can probably get away with self-signed certificates for your development/staging servers.

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