How can I unfreeze an SSD connected to a remote server?

chmac asked:

I don’t have physical access to the machine, so I can’t unplug the drive.

# hdparm -I /dev/sda | grep frozen

The advice I’ve read elsewhere is to hotplug the drive, pull the power / sata cables while the machine is running. Those are not possible in this situation as I don’t have physical access. I’ve tried power cycling the machine through the host’s control panel a few times, but that hasn’t worked.

Is there any way I can unfreeze (unfrozen?) the drive without physical access?

My answer:

“Freezing” the drive is done by the system BIOS pre-boot when the hard drive has a password enabled. Some BIOSes always freeze drives, though this usually only happens with laptops.

You can try one of two things to unfreeze the drive, but both of them require physical access, or at least console access:

  1. Remove the hard drive password in the BIOS, and reboot.
    • If your BIOS always freezes drives, contact the hardware vendor for a fixed BIOS.
  2. Hotplug the drive, as you noted above.

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