Airport Extreme roaming setup

Daniel Johansson asked:

We’ve got three Apple AirPort extremes and want to setup them as a roaming wlan network on my company. My question is what’s the correct setup for this?

All three AP:s is supposed to create the same wireless network “MyWlan” and we want roaming supoprt between them so that client can move from floor to floor without having to switch wlan or reconnect.

We don’t want to use any kind of DHCP or NAT on the AirPorts, only bridge mode.

Do we connect the AirPorts to the lan/ethernet using the WAN port or one of the LAN ports?
What’s the correct settings in the config utility? Have one of the AirPorts create a network and setup the other two to extend the created network from AirPort 1 or have them all create the same network and set the same wlan password?

My answer:

Apple’s documentation explains three ways to do this, depending on your AirPort Extreme model and physical facility requirements.

You will need to configure the devices with AirPort Utility (and probably with a Mac), but you likely already have one.

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