Migrating from MyISAM to XtraDB

Aaron Nguyen asked:

Just a few questions that I just can’t find anywhere about migrating to XtraDB.

My group has been using MyISAM dbs for production and was wondering how hard is it to migrate to Percona’s XtraDB and how would you go about doing so?

Would I have to migrate MyISAM to InnoDB first or can I go straight to XtraDB?

I installed Percona Server with XtraDB package on my Fedora machine but the documentation isn’t very helpful as to how to use it so I was wondering does Percona just piggyback on a standard MySQL installation or is it a separate entity?

Links to documentation on how to solve my questions would be fantastic.

My answer:

XtraDB is a drop-in replacement for InnoDB. Existing MyISAM tables are unaffected. To actually gain any benefit from XtraDB, you will have to convert them to InnoDB. You can do this either before or after you install XtraDB.

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