snmp.conf how to allow any remote client

Avihai Marchiano asked:

Using linux (Ubuntu) with net-snmp.

I want to allow any remote client to execute snmpget.
The remote client not have to be from the same subnet , so i cannot do this by define subnet.

Now i add line in snmpd.conf for each ip.
like this:

rwcommunity community
rwcommunity community

is there a way to do this for all ips?
In addtional try to use this :

#  Listen for connections on all interfaces (both IPv4 *and* IPv6)
#agentAddress udp:161,udp6:[::1]:161

didn’t worked , so i need to wrote the listening ip.

thank you!!!!

My answer:

rocommunity public

But please rethink this. Letting anybody in the world get your SNMP data is generally a bad idea.

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