Share CPU between two KVM VPS on a dedicated server

Zim3r asked:

how can I share CPU between two KVM VPS on a dedicated server?

assume that we have 8-core CPU on a dedicated server

to get maximum performance for two VPS, should I assign 8 cores to each one of them? or just assign 4 core to each VM?

My answer:

Assign as many vCPUs as you wish to any virtual guest, up to the number of physical CPU cores (or hyperthreads).

You can overcommit CPU by assigning more vCPUs among your running virtual machines than exist in the server, subject to the limit that no single virtual guest may have more vCPUs than physical CPU cores.

Keep in mind that if you have CPU intensive tasks, that overcommitting CPU won’t buy you anything and may slow down the rest of your guests.

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