Oracle (xe) 10 vs 11 . Have I lost the SQL tuning pages ? Am I going out of my mind?

Richard Green asked:

Ok .. so perhaps the title needs calming down a bit.

Basically I am after the XE 11g equivalent of the pages that you can see here, in which you can then navigate to stuff like “top 50 queries” and “longest running queries”, etc etc. For the life of me, I can’t find that on the most recent XE edition.

Please can someone direct me to where I might find these very useful admin pages ! Or was I imagining it all along :-/

Edit: These are the pages I am after.

My answer:

Visiting the equivalent page in the 11g version of Oracle 2 Day DBA, I see that the monitoring you are referring to is now done in SQL Developer, rather than via web interface. It appears the web interface you were previously using is completely gone in 11g.

Sorry for the bad news.

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