Are SSL certificates fixed to IP's within a region?

liamTc asked:

I need to purchase a wildcard ssl certificate.

I am looking at purchasing it from Comodo, however when I go to purchase it there is a question asking to “select the region that you are located in”. Here is the link.

I am not sure exactly why this question is asked but I am wondering if these certificates are fixed to servers hosted within the specified regions?

I am hosting on Amazon EC2 and will be hosting servers in multiple regions therefore I don’t really want to be purchasing certificates for each region.

I have asked support this exact question but they will not give me a straight answer which doesn’t make me very comfortable with going ahead and purchasing the certificate.

My answer:

As far as I’ve ever known, SSL certificates are not restricted to use on specific IP addresses or blocks of addresses. Most likely Comodo is asking for your region for some billing purpose (e.g. if you live in Europe they may have to do some EU-specific billing). In fact, I can see that by changing the region, they change the currency in which your price is quoted (e.g. dollars for the US, pounds for the UK, euros for the EU, etc.).

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