Add drivers to the CentOS Live CD

slayedbylucifer asked:

I want to add some drivers to the CentOS LiveCD. These drivers are not present on out of the box CentOS LiveCD.
So Once I add the the new drivers to the LiveCD, and then boot up the server with the LiveCD then I am hoping that it will recognize the new hardware.

I have been googling around this but haven’t found a process by which I could add the drivers to a CentOS LiveCD.

AFAIK, adding the driver will need to re-compile the LiveCD kernel. But just now sure about the process.

Any pointer in this direction will be of great help to me.


My answer:

CentOS has some instructions on building a custom Live CD.

The process uses a kickstart file to determine what is on the Live CD, so you can perform any customizations possible through kickstart.

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