Do large corporations block jQuery content on web pages?

Max Vernon asked:

We are currently redesigning our website. The company we’ve hired to do the redesign is advocating the use of jQuery to render the pages dynamically. Our SEO specialist is under the impression that many larger corporations may have jQuery blocked in their proxies to prevent their users from visiting sites like Facebook.

Is this something you are aware of?

Forgive me if this is off topic for SF.SE!

My answer:

Typical Web filtering appliances/services classify web sites into categories, and then each category is permitted or blocked based on corporate policy. Some, such as Barracuda, use a reputation based system. They almost always also allow for local exceptions.

So, if you host the jQuery code on your own site, it will be permitted or blocked the same as the rest of your site would be.

If you use a hosted solution such as or Google APIs, then it will be permitted or blocked based on the classification for that domain.

If you want to be 100% sure that your code would get through to sites that would normally permit your web site to be viewed, host all of the JavaScript within domains under your control.

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