Where to begin with IPv6

Willem de Vries asked:

I am fairly familiar with setting-up IPv4 networks for bigger server configurations, only now I wanted to start familiarizing myself with doing the same for IPv6.

I have been Googling for the second night in a row for things like: IPv6 network design, IPv6 for dummies, etc. So far most things you find go on about why IPv6 and the amazing amount of numbers that we have now.

Yet I am looking for practical stuff, for example:

  1. what would be a good way to assign IP-number, as I understand it DHCP shouldn’t be the default course of action.
  2. How do other assignment methods work with DNS configuration?
  3. what would be a good or standard way of dividing the network in to sub-nets? (database, application, web servers spread over multiple domains/applications and some what intertwined)

In short I would like to find good resources with practical information books, webpages, etc. Does anyone have any resources that worked for them?

My answer:

This is almost certainly too broad a question for us to address, but there are some resources you can probably use.

To start, check out ARIN’s IPv6 wiki, especially Book Reviews and Educating Yourself about IPv6.

Keep in mind that some books will be extremely out of date; IPv6 has evolved quite a bit since it was first introduced in the late 1990s. I’d recommend accepting nothing older than O’Reilly’s IPv6 Essentials (2006) (and double checking everything you see in there, too).

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