The good SQL database to process a lot of data?

Dorian asked:

I have to process like 10-100 millions records.

I have to give the data to the client when it’s finish. The data is givent as SQL requests to execute in the database. He have a powerful server with MySQL, I think it will be fast enough.

The issue is my computer is not as powerful as his server, so I would like to use an other SQL server who is compatible (I export his database and import it in my computer) with MySQL but more powerful.

What should I use? Or am I doomed to use MySQL?

My answer:

If your client needs to use MySQL then that’s what you’re stuck with.

Obviously it will run slower on your computer than on the server, but that’s not usually a big deal. If you need more capacity on a temporary basis you can always lease an Amazon EC2 instance for a few hours or whatever.

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