How do I convince management to approve IPv6 deployment?

Kedare asked:

I currently have the idea to deploy IPv6 on the corporate network of my enterprise. But my boss (CIO) asked me what the benefits are? And I did not have an answer.

So what could I say to make the case for IPv6?

It will run in dual stack with IPv4.

We use firewalls, VPN, and multiple WAN connections.

My answer:

A few of the benefits of IPv6, off the top of my head:

  • NAT goes away. This isn’t a large issue in your organization, but it is an issue since you are likely using small bits of private address space for…
  • VPN goes away. In IPv6 you achieve the same things with IPSec, firewall rules, and…
  • Mobile IPv6. Laptop users can automatically remain connected to the corporate network with the same IPv6 address they use internally.
  • The RIR won’t come back and ask you to give up some of your addresses (if they haven’t approached you yet, they will soon).
  • It’ll probably cost more the longer you put it off. IPv6 is not optional; everyone will have to deploy it sooner or later. “Emergency” projects can be really expensive…

Hurricane Electric has a management-level presentation The Business Case for IPv6 which you may find helpful.

It’s a bit dated, but still useful: eweek’s How to Build a Business Case for IPv6.

You can find much more from an Internet search.

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