OpenSUSE reinstall Yast

Spirit asked:

I just can’t understand what just happend?

I installed an openSUSE system, the original plan was to use it as an internal DNS Server for easyer access to all of the internal network computers. However something wasn’t right with the dns server package, so I decided to remove it and install it again.

But after the removal something happened and the yast, yast2 and webyast were also removed and I find myself now locked inside out! :S

The Package Manager from the desktop is also screwed it returns an Failed to execute command package-manager --install %F error message.

How can i reinstall the yast, I was googling but I couldn’t find any info regarding this issue? All that I find is bunch of tutorials of how to use Yast.

I just forgot to add that using sudo zypper install yast2-gtk is also out of the option since zypper has also been somehow mysteriously removed from my system :@

My answer:

Congrats, you have trashed your system. Now you get to reinstall. Though you might want to figure out how you managed to remove those packages first, and avoid doing it again.

You might think I’m not serious and that there’s some way to just reinstall the package manager. But if you’ve done something that destructive to your system, it’s likely that much more than that is missing, and you won’t be able to easily recover except via reinstalling.

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