Rails application only showing Nginx default page

gerky asked:

I am having problems with my Rails application that will use Nginx and Passenger. I’ve already deployed the application and have setup the nginx config file as such:

server {
   listen 80;
   server_name www.example.com;
   root /home/johndoe/test_app/current/public;
   passenger_enabled on;

I’ve already set up the name servers of the domain and added the entry on my provider. However, all I’m seeing is the Welcome to Nginx page. I’ve checked the nginx error log and I just saw this, not sure what it means and why it’s searching for that file.

[error] 8492#0: *7 open() “/opt/nginx/html/favicon.ico” failed (2: No
such file or directory)

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

My answer:

That error means your site doesn’t have a favicon.ico file for showing a favicon. If you don’t want a favicon, you can safely ignore it.

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