Ubuntu on EC2 – can't access after sudo su command

Mark Kelly asked:

I’m relatively new to Linux, and whilst installing a number of different applications on my Ubuntu server instance, somebody helpfully suggested I use ‘sudo su’ to speed things up a little. All good. I then disconnected (or let my connection time-out) when attempting to connect a little later on, I get ‘Server refused our key’ and am unable to log-in.

I’ve managed to mount the volume against another instance – so can thankfully access the filesystem – and my question is this:

Is it possible for me to fix this while I’ve got access to the volume? If so could anyone point me in the direction of any useful info on how I might go about this?



My answer:

If you haven’t installed your own ssh key on the instance, you need to connect using the ssh key that Amazon installs into each instance by default (and provided to you).


ssh -i GSG_Keypair.pem [email protected]

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