Email getting marked as spam by gmail, hotmail but OKed by spamassassin

nmford asked:

I am having some issues with emails getting sent from one of my websites using the PHP mailer. When I am using my own email server with spamassassin the emails come through without a problem, but with gmail and hotmail they go straight to the junk box! I can’t for the life of me figure out why.

I’ve tried several things including setting up SPF (no idea if I did it properly though).

I used the Brandon Checketts website to run an email test and the SpamAssassin score from the email came back as 1.1 which indicates it is okay… I’ve run out of ideas!

Here is the full report from Brandon Checketts.


I tried to use DKIM as a way of resolving this issue but I’m now having a problem with that. I’m getting this error message from Brandon Checketts:

result = fail
Details: message has been altered

My answer:

Well, they do sort of look like junk at first glance. Likely Gmail and Hotmail have seen so many of that sort of message that they automatically consider any similar messages junk.

The first thing I would do is fix the mailing list software so that it’s sending both HTML and plain text in the message.

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