Default http redirection when domain name requested, with a flashed dd-wrt router

Throoze asked:

i’m setting up a testing environment in my office and configured a router flashed with dd-wrt to be my dns. I configured the domain name in the router to, through Setup >> Basic Setup >> Optional Settings. I also have a web server with the hostname configured to www through Services >> Services >> Services Management >> DHCP Server >> Static Leases, added an entry like this:

[MAC Address]      [Host Name] [IP Address]    [Client Lease Time]

##:##:##:##:##:6D  www   1440

(#’s are just placeholders)

then, In the Services >> Services >> Services Management >> DHCP Server >> DNSMasq >> Additional DNSMasq Options section, I wrote the following:


I also configured port forwarding to redirect the traffic heading to port 80, to go to the same IP address ( This way, I can access in any browser in my LAN, and the page I want will be served. How can I get to be mapped to the same IP? this is, How can i get my page to respond to a request the same as a request?

I have both DNSMasq and Local DNS services enabled.

Sorry for my noob question, and thanks in advance!

My answer:

The address option will accept fully qualified domain names.


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