Casual Business Computer Management

Tiffany Walker asked:

Been working a lot with local businesses who operate in a more casual manner. No Active Directory, no passwords, and free web browsing and downloading applications at will to where every computer is just different.

When and where do I draw the line? Do I flat out e-mail or make an announcement to all the employees about please do not download stuff? Should I take a more proactive approach and since it’s my time I have to spend managing these systems actually locking them down and disabling the ability to download and install applications?

How do you do with the casual business? Do you take full control over and law down the law? Or do you define and write up guidelines for said business and hope they work?

An example of an issue is how IE gets filled with toolbars. They never are needed and should never be installed and I typically have to waste time on disabling such issues to increase load times and web browsing times.

My answer:

You’re being paid to admin these systems, right?

You can do a couple of things.

First, you can just live with it, and pocket the easy money. Of course you’re going to burn out fast.

Second, you can tell your boss exactly how much money it’s costing the company to allow the users to trash their systems. The result of that may well be that you get to lock everything down.

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