Cannot resize an ntfs (Windows Server 2k3r2) boot partition booting from gparted

tacos_tacos_tacos asked:

I am trying to use gparted to make my ntfs system/boot partition larger. I expanded the disk in ESX, providing an extra 60 GB or so of free space. I confirmed that this free space is available in gparted:

gparted main screen

unallocated space

However, when I try to go to “Move/Resize” the boot partition, there is no unallocated space for me to allocate.

no unallocated space

It will let me resize the “extended” (non-boot) partition, which makes me think the issue is that the partitions are not contiguous.

If it’s not obvious, I am no expert in partitioning/storage so any help is appreciated.

My answer:

First you need to move /dev/sda3 to the right, so that the unallocated space is before it instead of after it. Then you should be able to resize /dev/sda2.

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