IPv6 connections routed to IPv4 device

friedkiwi asked:

I have an IBM 9406-250 with V5R1 and IPv4 only connectivity, and want it to be reachable over IPv6. I cannnot install an IPv6 stack on it, but I want it to be accessible by IPv6 so I can drop the requirement to VPN to my home network.

I have an OpenWRT device running, which takes care of the IPv6 routing on my network and the tunnel to SIXXS, and I was wondering if it is possible to assign another IPv6 address to that device, and route it to the IPv4 IBM computer.

Which software do I need for this, and how is this technique called?


One port would be sufficient actually, would it be possible to add an extra IP to the interface of the OpenWRT box, and redirect port 23 from the AS/400 to port 23 on the IPv6 IP?

My answer:

IPv6 support is available as of V5R2. If you can update, that might be an easy solution.

Another option is to place the beast behind a NAT64/DNS64 gateway. You may need a different device, as the last time I looked, NAT64 was not well supported on OpenWrt.

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