Rsync Remote to Remote

AliBZ asked:

I’m looking for a solution for using rsync between 2 remote servers. It seems like its not possible. Does any one know why its not possible? I ask that because I think if I know the reason, maybe I could use another tool to make it possible.

Update: I have a hypervisor on my primary site with n vm’s running on. I have another hypervisor on my secondary site which I want to be the backup server for my primary server. For keeping the file synced between these two, the best way I’ve found is using rsync. The problem is I don’t want to run my code (rsync) on the VMs because I want my product to be agent less. In this case I need to add a third computer to do run the code. Now, I need to rsync between my primary and secondary site which I’m stuck with because rsync doesn’t work for remote to remote servers.

My answer:

ssh [email protected] "rsync /files [email protected]:/directory"

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