CentOS qpidd default network service

user595078 asked:

I just did a clean minimal net install of Cent OS 6. I did a netstat just to see what was listening:

tcp    0  0*       LISTEN      1165/master
tcp    0  0*       LISTEN      1178/qpidd

Besides ssh, I also see qpidd and what looks to be mail on localhost. I tried to google around to see what these were and why they were running by default on the minimal install. If possible I want to disable these as I am trying to go very very minimal with this.

My answer:

This particular daemon comes from the qpid-cpp-server package shipped with EL6. This is Apache Qpid, an implementation of Advanced Message Queuing Protocol. Interestingly, none of my CentOS installations had this particular package installed, though I did my installations using CentOS install CD. Are you sure you did an actual “minimal” installation, or did you install a virtual server based on someone’s “minimal” (so they claim) template? Perhaps someone’s pre-made EC2 AMI?

The other item listening on localhost port 25 is postfix. In its default installation, it only listens for mail orginating from the system, and cannot receive mail from the network. It’s generally safe to leave it in that configuration, though you may want to set it up to forward all server-generated mail to some other email address, so that you actually receive it somewhere convenient.

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